Sunday, 26 June 2011

The cost of childcare

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Being a working mum has its challenges not the least of which is guilt, fear and anxiety. I now work three full days per week and one day from home and I count myself immeasurably lucky to have relatives caring for my bub. However, I still put her name down for the daycare centre attached to my work. I thought it would be easy both financially and emotionally for her to go there. When I put her name down I had no idea when there would be a spot and now eight months later I get the email. The email that gives me less than a week to make up my mind whether I want to send her to daycare. I'm torn, I'm uncomfortable and frankly I just don't know. My theory is that I could come to work for half a day and have an afternoon to myself. I dream that this could result in haircuts, dental appointments and maybe a visit to the gym. In reality I know that I will just keep staying later and later at work until suddenly I am at work four full days per week. And so now I am torn. I love spending time with my daughter and love the two full days I spend with her. I love catching up with my mum friends. I just love it and it makes me feel slightly (okay maybe a minuscule) less guilty about going to work on the other days.
If I send her to daycare what is the cost to me?

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  1. Such a tough choice... I can guarantee that you will stay later and later if you have that day to yourself. It just happens like that. Sad, but true. x