Monday, 20 June 2011

Blast from the past times two

Today I had two blasts from the past, so completely unexpected but so interesting. The first was a gal I worked with in Melbourne and I saw her on facebook and befriended her and lo and behold I find out she has twins girls and not with the guy I expected. I still can't get over seeing her with her new guy. It's just so weird. Don't you find that sometimes you just can't reconcile thoughts in your head. I often find that when

I'm thinking about unlikely couples. I just can't understand it.
The second blast from the past just hit me. I was watching The Block and bang there's a girl I recognise from high school. Then I'm on facebook and another eagle-eyed friend has spotted her and soon someone provides her name. A small problem of going to a large all-girls school. Way too many names to even try to remember!

So, on the same theme I had a beautiful lunch on Sunday at a restaurant that I last ate at when I was 13. We were there for my Dad's 60th birthday and it was seven courses of divine food. It also meant that we had about 6 hours away from the bub who was under the watchful eye of Auntie Twin and her partner. Dad had wanted to bring her but was swiftly vetoed - this was definitely adult time. Not much cooking from me yesterday but definitely a lot of eating!

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